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The Third & The Seventh

We just can’t get enough of Vimeo here at Lucid you can loose hours on it, it never gets boring and to top it off they have just launched their iPhone app, which means even more viewing pleasure. This piece of film is astonishingly beautiful, the intro is a work of art in itself and what follows after is even more amazing.

This truly is beautiful in every way….. Breathtaking in fact. It makes mankind’s relationship with nature seem truly seamless.

Alex Roman we salute you.

As it says in the Vimeo description ‘Full screen it please’ you will not be disappointed.


The Sartorialist

Brand new shiny video about the man behind the much coveted ‘Sartorialist’.

‘Vimeo’ the best site out there for rich video content, ‘The Sartorialist’ the best site out there for rich fashion photography content.

Keep em coming Vimeo, great work Scott Schuman.