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Twitter finally in the money!

Twitter have finally figured out a way of making money out of all their hard work, having teamed up with the behemoth of the internet “Google”, soon to be rulers of the world. The deal is worth several million dollars a month, along with several other similar deals being struck with the likes of Microsoft and Bing.

Valued like most internet super powers these days, Twitter is worth a cool Billion, with over $100million of inward investment from venture capitalists since it’s humble beginnings, something tells me co-founder Biz Stone is a happy man this Christmas.

Stone says 2010 will be Twitters ‘revenue year’ and after turning down a $500 million offer from Facebook he must be pretttty confident of that.

To us it’s just another one to add to our long list of social media sites that we have to link our clients up to and work how to best use in SEO.

What’s next?? That’s what we want to know!