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Tom Ford – Visionary


Wallpaper May 2010 – Full Stop Article

Great article in this months Wallpaper Magazine on page 20 of the “Face Time” subsection about down time and sabbaticals. The article talks about the importance of taking time out from work, especially within the creative industries and sites creatives such as Graphic Designer Stefan Sagmeister, who closes his studio every 7 years for an entire year. Ferran Andria’s who closes his Michelin Star Restaurant for 6months on and off, Tom Ford who when he left Gucci played computer games and thought of designing planes till he decided to start his self named label Tom Ford and Helmut Lang who was one of fashions greatest, who packed up and left the industry to take time to further his art career.

I personally couldn’t agree more with what the article is saying, the best creative work you produce always comes after periods of freedom, peace, downtime and a change in environment. Even just a couple of days exploring London this week have helped here and we believe strongly in making time every week to have a look around and learn a few new things on a Friday afternoon. It’s good to know that the worlds creative elite are in the same boat.

Cover taken from June 2008 edition of the magazine by Anthony Burrill.

Tom Ford Cashes In on Warhol Sale

So following on from cashing in something like £40,000,000 selling his Belgravia home in London, Ford has recently just cashed in £22m for an Andy Warhol portrait he had as part of his private collection. I’d probably say his personal life makes more money than his working life.