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The Sunday Times Online – Goes Alone

So the Sunday Times has gone solo and now has its own web presence entirely separate from the Times and which can only be viewed fully if you are a subscribing member. Yet another nod to the movement of the digital age and a world of iPad filled train carriages and departures lounges.

From a design point of view though, the new Sunday Times site is safe. Its a very well structured, white space content portal style site. White is quite rightly the chosen color for content rich websites that people are going to be spending a lot of time reading and so is naturally what you would assume the Times to use on this newly launched site. I mean when was the last time you picked up a book that was black with white writing in….. exactly. However on the other hand, where the user is not reading why not be more daring, make more of the imagery and move away from white space?

I think the graphic design department at The Times is great and they produce some really good quality work. But I would like to see some engaging solutions used throughout websites like this in the near future. Especially in areas such as photography, the Sunday Times Magazine always has a great world photography section. A digital archive of all the photography ever featured would be great to see.


V&A Today

Quick visit today, no time to cram it all in. But of what we did see, it was magnifico! Photography section being a personal favorite, love ‘Thomas Joshua Coopers’ work.

Plus they have a print your own print service from the V&A archives in the shop. Will be back soon to buy some prints for the studio.

Never Seen Before Steve Mcqueen Photos

What a treat, was really happy to be sent this link today by my friend. Great series of never before seen photos of the man himself looking as stylish as ever.

Life Magazine