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Space Project, by Vincent Fournier

Always a fan of those represented by Carole Lambert here at Lucid. Fournier has spent the past decade and a half gaining access to some of the most controlled environments on earth – including government stations and training grounds – in an effort to expose the visual gems which can be found in these unforgiving landscapes.

Playing on the stylised notion of a sci-fi utopia, Fournier’s otherworldly photographs of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah and the Atacama Desert Observatories in Chile – alongside a series of surprisingly stringy trainee astronauts – offer an alternative view of the world, unseen by many and known by few.


The Third & The Seventh

We just can’t get enough of Vimeo here at Lucid you can loose hours on it, it never gets boring and to top it off they have just launched their iPhone app, which means even more viewing pleasure. This piece of film is astonishingly beautiful, the intro is a work of art in itself and what follows after is even more amazing.

This truly is beautiful in every way….. Breathtaking in fact. It makes mankind’s relationship with nature seem truly seamless.

Alex Roman we salute you.

As it says in the Vimeo description ‘Full screen it please’ you will not be disappointed.


Here at Lucid we are fans of the new Renault advert by advertising agency Publicis. It’s rare to find TV adverts that aren’t corny or just plain boring, but this one stands out from the crowd. It features cameo appearances by Thierry Henry, Dita Von Tesse, Rhianna and snap shots of the legendary Marlon Brando and Audrey Hepburn.

With music is by Clare Maguire – Breakage’s Suck It Up Remix featuring samples from David Bowie and Rhianna.

Here’s a behind the scene’s video from Vimeo too….

The Sunday Times Apps List

In this weekends Sunday Times is ‘The App List’ the first installment of a 2 part supplement detailing 500 of the worlds finest applications. The categories inside part 1 include Social Networking, News, Business, Sport, Cars, Games, Fashion and Beauty, Shopping and Weddings, Food, Drink, Reference, Personal Finance, Babies and Families.

The article begins by announcing the winner of the 10 billionth app download… Gail Davis from Orpington, Kent who downloaded the app ‘Paper Glider’ and bagged herself £10,000 to spend on iTunes. Then goes on to talk about the astonishing speed at which Apple has reached that point, having only launched the apple apps platform in July 2008. Revenue generated this year from the sale of apps is estimated to be over $15 billion and the market is set to just keep growing and growing.

A couple of favorites from the list that we haven’t already downloaded include; ‘Camera Alert’ a speed camera warning device, ‘Parkdroid’ an app that stores your parking space on GPS so you know where you have parked.

What we would like to see on the market in the near future is a banking app from HSBC and a Barclay Card one too that’s as good as their website.

Here at Lucid we have a number of very exciting apps projects in development, look out for more on this soon.

Nema Workshop – Bond Street Apartment

Amazingly open plan, light, New York style loft apartment. Originally two apartments, ‘Nema Workshop’ a design team from America made up of architects and designers completely overhauled the space and created this sprawling space of luxury inner city living.

The project was commissioned on behalf of an unnamed rock star and can be found in a landmark building on Bond St in New York.

Very nice.

Good Design is Good Business

This is a self initiated promotional card project, we are working on. Based near the working end of Liverpool Docks, the image you see on the cards is what you see as you approach our studio from the M62 or from the back windows of our building.

The docks have always been at the hub of Liverpool commerce and although not quite as prevalent as they have been in previous decades and centuries. These docks are still “Good business” for Liverpool and its occupants. Not to mention the great photos that the intricate crane detail against the crisp autumn sky make.

Audio Go: Home of BBC Audio Books – Now Live

Phase 1 of the ‘BBC Audio Go‘ E-Commerce website we recently developed went live this week, just in time for the Christmas selling period. Take a look now and get placing your orders, having worked with Audio Go on this project, we are converted here at Lucid. Audio books are a really great way of reading that book you just couldn’t find time for, whilst your on a long journey, in the car or relaxing in the sun.

Here’s the link:


Credit and thanks to I-Tao the development team we worked alongside and the rest of the BBC Audio Go team in Bath.