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Audio Go – Home of BBC Audio Books Apps Proposal Approved


We are very pleased to announce that we recently won the contract to complete the iphone and android apps for our client ‘Audio Go’. Who currently have 3 Audio Books in the top 10 in the iTunes Audio Books chart.

They are finished in the design lab and are currently being developed.

Check back soon for updates on this exciting project.


Apple iPad Sold Every 3 Seconds Since Launching

For all those skeptics out there who thought the iPad wouldn’t be a success, you may want to rethink that idea, according to Apple it is.

Steve Jobs claimed at the D8 Conference outside of Los Angeles that Apple have sold an iPad every 3 seconds since its launch date.

on May 31st, Apple announced that it had sold over 2 million iPads since its April 3rd launch, less than 60 days.

“People seem to be liking the iPad,” Jobs said to laughs and applause. “We’ve sold one every three seconds since we launched it”

Call me one of those skeptics, but my only concern about this particular statistic is that it came from Apple?

Well their not going to say its a flop and they are only selling one a day, are they.

Steve Peat DH

Our friends over at Apposing have just finished the game for Downhill Mountain Bike World Champion “Steve Peat”, go check it out at the Apps store now. We headed over to their studio for a go on the iPad yesterday and it’s awesome.

Nice work guys. Available now from the Apps Store.


Undercover I-pad

Tobias Wong and Chelsea Briganti bring us the iPad case disguised as an envelope. Do we like it, well if your using your iPad in downtown Harlem or you just so happen to be homeless and have a spare £400 in your pocket, then I think this product could definitely be for you. I think I’ll stick to a black neoprene cover if i buy one myself, which is doubtful at the moment with the lack of flash compatibility on the iPad.

For those of you wondering if the case offers any protection the answer is yes, the envelope comes complete with a hard case inside.

The Future of the Internet

Doing lots of blogging the past week, so lets keep it coming with a great article by Linus Ekenstam for WASF

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