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Following on…

The family of the late Philip K. Dick, the author of the book on which the Blade Runner film was based, are to sue Google for infringement of intellectual property rights.

After the rant yesterday, here is news that Google’s naming strategy is not only unpopular in the Lucid HQ. Not quite sure if this will stick in court though, as the androids in Blade Runner were actually called Nexus 6…hmmm


Nexus One – Will it really rival the mighty iphone?

Google releases it’s rival to the i phone this week, as they try to grab a piece of the fast growing market of mobile phone web browsing. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas where all will be revealed.

There is no doubt that Google have the money to make this work, but they can’t necessarily buy what Apple have got and that’s one of, if not the best brand in the world. The i phone beats the Nexus One in the looks department straight out of the starting gate, as well as beating it in the name department too. Why does everything Google do sound so ‘Sci Fi’… Android, Nexus One and so on.

Granted Chrome is a good name for a browser though! Anyway enough of the rant I’m sure Google know what they’re doing, only time and market share will tell…