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London Fashion Weekend – Temporary Site – Now Live

We were recently asked by Vodafone London Fashion Weekend to design and develop a multi-image gallery holding page in preparation for their new website in 2012. The holding page featured newsletter sign up, facebook, twitter, video and a multi-image stretch background slider.



Mr Porter

It’s here and we love it, soooo much rich content on this site to trawl through. It’s like a magazine, e-commerce website and style bible rolled into one.

It’s right up our street in terms of the crisp lines and super sharp imagery. Good work Net a Porter you’ve cracked it here, this site is near perfect!

The 3 sss’s

Our first video post ever on the blog ever, so hear it is….

The Swedish fashion label Filippa K have a great aesthetic and a key understanding of how to do things simplistic, subtle and stylish, which leaves you in awe. They always do great promotional videos for their new collections too, as can be seen here with their Fall 2010 video.

This is really beautiful and follows their ability to produce simplistic, subtle and stylish video as well as clothing. I love the piano. I promise myself I will learn to play one day.

View our new website at www.lucid-design.net

Another Happy Customer

Big thanks, love and respect go to Charlotte Taylor for her more than kind words about the website we created for her on her latest blog post. Charlotte runs a fantastic blog, documenting her struggle, crusade, journey, fight, flight? to the top of the fashion food chain.

The blog is great, the clothes are perfect, the photography is spot on and the branding is simple, not to mention she is getting noticed by some pretty influential names… Vogue, The Guardian, Times and Topshop to mention just a few. All the right ingredients for a great label in its very first season. We wish Charlotte very good luck whilst preparing for her next show at the Vauxhall Fashion Show, which is part of London Fashion Week and throughout the rest of her very bright future.

You can see her site here…. http://www.charlottetaylorltd.com

Charlotte Taylor

We are pleased to announce we will soon be launching the website of the young, talented fashion designer Charlotte Taylor. It features some nifty programming work, large stretched images and great photography which can be seen in the above screen shot. We will keep you posted with progress, until then you can catch her at her own blog where she began her fascinating tale of the beginnings of her label, which has received attention from Top Shop and most recently Vogue.

Paradis 5

Just picked up a copy of this uber magazine from the best book shop going “Magma”. The article and photography from Yves St Laurents Apartment 55, Rue de Babylon is fascinating, inspirational and of course unbelievably stylish. Eight hundred lots where sold for a record of 374 million euro, the largest single haul for a private collector ever. The advertising in Paradis 5 is minimal and the content is maximal (not in the mathematical ring theory sense), with adverts from Marc Jacobs looking more like they are part of the content of the magazine. Also big fans of the plain and subtle recycled cardboard cover pictured above.

Thanks and support to all those in the Paradis 5 team for such a great publication… Stunning.

One copy of Paradis 5 or 4 copies of Wallpaper? We’ll let you decide.

Cassius Eyewear UK – Live

We’ve just launched the UK e-commerce site for the hottest eye-wear label on the planet right now.

Have a look at what we have done at: www.cassiuseyewear.co.uk