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The Future of the Internet

Doing lots of blogging the past week, so lets keep it coming with a great article by Linus Ekenstam for WASF

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Paradis 5

Just picked up a copy of this uber magazine from the best book shop going “Magma”. The article and photography from Yves St Laurents Apartment 55, Rue de Babylon is fascinating, inspirational and of course unbelievably stylish. Eight hundred lots where sold for a record of 374 million euro, the largest single haul for a private collector ever. The advertising in Paradis 5 is minimal and the content is maximal (not in the mathematical ring theory sense), with adverts from Marc Jacobs looking more like they are part of the content of the magazine. Also big fans of the plain and subtle recycled cardboard cover pictured above.

Thanks and support to all those in the Paradis 5 team for such a great publication… Stunning.

One copy of Paradis 5 or 4 copies of Wallpaper? We’ll let you decide.