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An Experiment by Román Cortés – Never Gonna Give You Up

Far too often are technical skills taken far too seriously. Román Cortés has decided to showcase his Javascript/Flash competency by creating a light-hearted yet unique algorithm that translates video into text motion. In his experiment, the lyrics of the Rick Astley classic Never Gonna Give You Up are manipulated to form the image of the singer himself, dancing to his song. Click here to view it.


Sound Matrix

So addictive! Click the link below to try it out for yourself. Don’t blame us if you’re sat there wondering what happened to the last hour.

Uniform Wares

Love these new watches from Uniform Wares here at Lucid. Just ordered a couple off Oki ni.


Alpha of Switzerland

The Swiss make luxury seem simple, they really do have a knack for creating pieces of refined craftsmanship, most notably  known for their fine timepieces, Their ability to make great cameras is no exception. Alpha of Switzerland make amazing looking cameras and by the looks of the picture below, ones that can take amazing looking photographs.

Uncompromising photographic instruments. A modular camera platform.
A coherent concept. All models fully integrated. Each optimised for a specific task.

We Love these cameras here at the LUCID camp.

Check out their website for more information about these beautiful cameras…

Murdered Out

Black is the new black, well it never went anywhere really. Here’s a selection of some ‘murdered out’ (all black) products we like. From Black B&B Italia Rooms and Sofa’s to B&W Speakers, Bang & Olufsen TV’s, Cassius Sunglasses, a James Perse Bike, Ducatti Performance Motorbike and Bamford & Sons Rolex watches, which we saw in ‘Collette Paris’ earlier this year. We love all these stealth products.

Expect to see some key black on black design pieces coming from the Lucid Haus in the near future.