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Lucid Design Agency – forges a way forward with a focus on Magento, SEO and Multi Channel

Here at ‘Lucid Design Agency’ we are preparing for a year of change, progression and improvement for 2011. As the ‘Lucid Design Agency’ new year begins we are making the move to the super strong Magento platform the platform behind brands such as Harvey Nichols, Links of London, North Face, Nespresso and many more High Street brands. We are going harder than ever before on SEO and developing our multi-channel offerings even further.

Expect to see some very strong offerings in the e-commerce arena, with Magento at the heart and if your planning on getting your site on the map, we have just added SEO to our list of services, something we don’t do without a lot of thought and consideration. So drop us a line at and we will be more than happy assist your company with all of your SEO requirements.

In terms of multi-channel our Iphone and Android platform development is seeing a lot of interest from clients at the moment and we have some great projects to add to our portfolio in the coming months. We understand here at ‘Lucid’ as much as any other digital design agency should, that the only way forward and to keep up with what the competition is doing is multi-channel. Adding an Iphone click to buy app to your channel portfolio can give your audience the chance to browse and purchase on the move, whilst a cleverly thought out advice based application can drive scores of people to your business for more.

One very interesting project we are working on is a membership application, where by the conventional membership card is done away with and the mobile application takes over the job of displaying membership details. With a bit of thought and research the possibilities of what multi channel can do for your business are endless.

Lucid Design Agency


New Website Goes Live

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of our new website:

Special thanks go to all of our loyal clients, our staff, families and contributors.

Jan, Sam, Simon, Lukasz, Jamie, Phil, Steve & Liam.

Thank you for all your hard work, I hope you like the site as much as we do.

Onwards and upwards.


Counting down the days till our all new site launches….

Double iPad and Egg Mc Muffin Please?

Can’t quite imagine why you would want to disguise your iPad as a piece of bacon, or why you would want to look like you have a piece of bacon under your arm? But ah well, for all you bacon fans out there, here it is!

Quirky, weird, bizarre, pointless, awful, refreshing??

Brought to you by Antjes.