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A few members of the Lucid Design Haus’s immediate and extended family are in Paris this week working on some… under wraps projects.

More to follow soon…

In the meantime here are some inspiration shots from the city of love.

(and yes that is a ‘Polaroid App Style’ iPhone shot thrown in the mix there. Hipstamatic App to be precise. Apologies in advance for these, but sometimes they do make a quick and dirty shot that little bit better…. there I said it!)



If we made music…

….we would start somewhere like this. Used in the new Mercedes SLS advert, Danny The Dog is a masterpiece by none other than ‘Massive Attack’. Those advertising guys over at Mercedes don’t half know how to pick em. The Nick Cave tune off the previously Mercedes SL advert being equally as great.

Mercedes, stop trying to seduce us and make us buy your cars with this great art.

Amen to that.

Mercedes-Benz SLS

Big fan of this 50’s revival by Mercedes-Benz, both inside and out. Refined, elegant and stylish. Plus the sound out of this thing on the F1 circuits as a safety car is unreal.

Great piece of automotive design.

Visual Observations – London May 2010

More Ferrari 412

Car’s always look better on European plates, found these pictures on a French car spotting blog in and around the streets of Lyon where my brother lives actually, magical place.

Viva La France!

The Future of the Internet

Doing lots of blogging the past week, so lets keep it coming with a great article by Linus Ekenstam for WASF

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That Ferrari looks familiar

Screen shots and what not from the Daft Punk Electroma DVD, I love this film! It’s not your conventional movie as there is no dialogue what so ever and it’s pretty weird at times, but the sounds and style of it are off the hook.