Monthly Archives: September 2011

Computer Arts – The Lucid Agency – Featured

We were recently featured in ‘Computer Arts’ magazine in a section about branding. The project chosen by the Computer Arts team was our work for French caters ‘Leon Catering’.

For more info on this project visit our website or email us and we will be happy to send a portfolio sample.


We Are Still Alive.

Wow it’s been some time since anyone contributed to our blog, the guilt showers over me as I write this post. So much has changed and happened in the Umwelt theĀ  Mitwelt and the Eigenwelt, or more commonly the world around us, the society we live in and each one of us independently within it. (Michael Tsarion lecture on Saturday)

So what have we been up to here at Lucid? Well we’ve been up to all kinds really; climbing Snowdon, working with the British Fashion Council, meeting great new people like our new design partners over at IYA Studio. Building web apps for creative and fun brands like Lego, visiting Copenhagen for the TV Festival with our friends over at Apposing. Working with our fashion team and talented designer Domingo Rodriguez on a new fashion collection. Preparing for London Fashion Weekend with Cassius. Helping our loyal clients like Xen-Tan grow their businesses bigger and better, through email campaigns, print design, digital strategy and much more.

So with that said, there is plenty of new content to come to both our website and the blog over the coming months. We’ve got projects for Lego, London Fashion Weekend, Cassius, Xen Tan, La Dolce Vita, The Other Art Fair, Sky Baby and others to be added. Along with the launch of some larger, long anticipated web projects that have been lurking in the background for some time.