Monthly Archives: July 2010


Looking forward to checking this film out tomorrow at FACT, this is guaranteed to oooze style.

Serge Gainsborough was uber in his day and still would be today if he where alive.



Charlotte Taylor – Now Live

We are proud to announce the young, extremely talented fashion designer’s website is now live.

To see the site, click the image above or on this link: CHARLOTTE TAYLOR

Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Photography by Jean-Yves Lemoigne.

If we made music…

….we would start somewhere like this. Used in the new Mercedes SLS advert, Danny The Dog is a masterpiece by none other than ‘Massive Attack’. Those advertising guys over at Mercedes don’t half know how to pick em. The Nick Cave tune off the previously Mercedes SL advert being equally as great.

Mercedes, stop trying to seduce us and make us buy your cars with this great art.

Amen to that.

Form Office Brochure

We are proud to announce we have just got the contract to design the commercial interior design heavy weights “Form Office’s” new brochure.

Watch this space…..


Counting down the days till our all new site launches….

Korner Union

Some great still life photography by “Korner Union” who is represented by Carol Lambert in Paris. The last photo, a fashion photography product shot reminds me of “Anish Kapoors” Marsyas, 2002.