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The Sunday Times Online – Goes Alone

So the Sunday Times has gone solo and now has its own web presence entirely separate from the Times and which can only be viewed fully if you are a subscribing member. Yet another nod to the movement of the digital age and a world of iPad filled train carriages and departures lounges.

From a design point of view though, the new Sunday Times site is safe. Its a very well structured, white space content portal style site. White is quite rightly the chosen color for content rich websites that people are going to be spending a lot of time reading and so is naturally what you would assume the Times to use on this newly launched site. I mean when was the last time you picked up a book that was black with white writing in….. exactly. However on the other hand, where the user is not reading why not be more daring, make more of the imagery and move away from white space?

I think the graphic design department at The Times is great and they produce some really good quality work. But I would like to see some engaging solutions used throughout websites like this in the near future. Especially in areas such as photography, the Sunday Times Magazine always has a great world photography section. A digital archive of all the photography ever featured would be great to see.


V&A Today

Quick visit today, no time to cram it all in. But of what we did see, it was magnifico! Photography section being a personal favorite, love ‘Thomas Joshua Coopers’ work.

Plus they have a print your own print service from the V&A archives in the shop. Will be back soon to buy some prints for the studio.

Jim Haynes = Legend

I remember seeing this advert for “After Eight” recently and thinking if that was real it would be so cool. Then I’m reading this Saatchi & Saatchi Blog today and I see an article about Jim Haynes attending the “Creative School” event an invite only event for 30 top creatives to mingle at. Jim Haynes, Jeremie Rozan, founder of Surface to Air and Zev. Definitely would like to have been on the invitation list for this. Continue reading


Love this guy, he’s a French vigilante, street artist and does some fresh things. How cool is the Google rip off website layout.

Banksy watch your back!

Berlin Calling

We are off to Berlin next month for a break and for Bread & Butter Berlin, International Fashion Trade Show. Hotels booked over at the Michel Burger, looks nice. (Thanks for finding it Amy!)

Counting down the days, it’s going to be a busy month at the Haus.

Double iPad and Egg Mc Muffin Please?

Can’t quite imagine why you would want to disguise your iPad as a piece of bacon, or why you would want to look like you have a piece of bacon under your arm? But ah well, for all you bacon fans out there, here it is!

Quirky, weird, bizarre, pointless, awful, refreshing??

Brought to you by Antjes.

Apple iPad Sold Every 3 Seconds Since Launching

For all those skeptics out there who thought the iPad wouldn’t be a success, you may want to rethink that idea, according to Apple it is.

Steve Jobs claimed at the D8 Conference outside of Los Angeles that Apple have sold an iPad every 3 seconds since its launch date.

on May 31st, Apple announced that it had sold over 2 million iPads since its April 3rd launch, less than 60 days.

“People seem to be liking the iPad,” Jobs said to laughs and applause. “We’ve sold one every three seconds since we launched it”

Call me one of those skeptics, but my only concern about this particular statistic is that it came from Apple?

Well their not going to say its a flop and they are only selling one a day, are they.