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David La Chappelle x Maybach Zepellin

I saw an exhibition by Chappelle in Amsterdam in Summer 2009 and kind of liked what he had done, so when I saw this I naturally took note. From a consumer perspective we think he’s made the somewhat ugly Maybach seem a lot younger, hipper and edgier. But is that the crowd a company who makes £300,000 cars is appealing to??… Is there really that many 20 something year old’s shopping for Maybachs….. maybe so?

I thought this explanation of the add was pretty interesting anyway….

Oh how original, using nazi decadence as a tool to sell luxury German goods. How edgy to portray 1932, the year the nazis openly gained power in Germany.

Daphne Guinness (the badger haired woman in the body stocking) is the granddaughter of Bryan Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne and his first wife Diana Mitford (

Diana Mitford was one of the Mitford sisters, she was an infamous (and unrepentant) English fascist and anti-semite who later re-married Oswald Mosely in a ceremony presided over by Hitler & Goebbels.

I’m sure Lachapelle will claim it shows the end of the Wiemar republic, when in reality the inclusion of a Mitford utterly changes the meaning to the rise of Fascism.

I must admit when I first saw it, I thought more ‘Glenn Close’ 101 Dalmations, but never the less this is an interesting insight into the thought patterns of Chappelle and probably a pretty accurate one, judging by other political statements that i have seen in his other work. A very politically sensitive era to touch on for an advert though, whichever way it may be portray.

From an innocent outsiders perspective looking in though, it makes for a pretty nice shoot overall.


Turner Prize 2009

Bit late on this one, but none the less liked it. An elegant gold leaf fresco created by Richard Wright, gave a nod to the techniques of old masters. Somewhat of a contrast to last years winner, it’s a nice print and that’s that really.

Advertising in print is twice as effective as TV

That’s what we like to hear! Well according to a study carried out by the mighty (or not so mighty any more, some might say) Microsoft anyway. The study claims that advertising through print is twice as effective as TV advertising and that print is good for targeting specific audiences and getting eyeballs on key products.

The study included 24 of the top 100 UK companies which included big grocery retailers, department stores and fashion retailers.

Roll on more print design we say….

Cassius Eyewear

We are currently creating the Cassius Eyewear e-commerce website for the UK, we’ve been working with these guys for nearly a year now, increasing brand exposure throughout the UK. Expect to see a lot more from Cassius throughout 2010.

In the meantime checkout

Mad Men

Greatest TV show since the Sopranos.

Twitter finally in the money!

Twitter have finally figured out a way of making money out of all their hard work, having teamed up with the behemoth of the internet “Google”, soon to be rulers of the world. The deal is worth several million dollars a month, along with several other similar deals being struck with the likes of Microsoft and Bing.

Valued like most internet super powers these days, Twitter is worth a cool Billion, with over $100million of inward investment from venture capitalists since it’s humble beginnings, something tells me co-founder Biz Stone is a happy man this Christmas.

Stone says 2010 will be Twitters ‘revenue year’ and after turning down a $500 million offer from Facebook he must be pretttty confident of that.

To us it’s just another one to add to our long list of social media sites that we have to link our clients up to and work how to best use in SEO.

What’s next?? That’s what we want to know!


It’s on the cards and Al Gore the former US Vice President is supporting it. They tried to bring us .mobi but it flopped, so what will the future hold for .eco?

What this did bring to light to us is that cybersquatters cost brands up to $1billion a year as a result of diverted traffic, loss of trust and so on. So is this is just another for them to get their dirty little mitts on?

Still though if used properly and if it takes off, this can’t be a bad thing. Eco-business is fast becoming the business to be in after all!

Stay tuned.